International Book Giving Day

Held on Valentine’s Day, International Book Giving Day “is about getting books into the hands of as many children as possible on 14th February” (International Book Giving Day 2020, n.d.). This is particularly important when statistics show that an increasing number of children in the UK don’t own a book (National Literacy Trust, 2017), which directly impacts on both their reading skills and interest. The International Book Giving Day website has suggestions for ways in which you can get involved and how to be a book giver. There are also posters, bookplates and bookmarks that are free to use to promote the event. This year, the poster was created by Sanne Dufft. If you use any of these resources, please acknowledge the illustrator, because ‘pictures mean business‘.

International Book Giving Day 2020

Image used with kind permission of International Book Giving Day

People in over 40 countries will be celebrating International Book Giving Day. This Friday, join them in sharing your love of reading with others by giving them the gift of a book. It will make a difference in their lives.


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