My reading philosophy

Having explored libraries over the last few weeks through picture books and fiction for children and young adults, I thought I would turn my attention to reading. To begin with, I want to share what I believe about reading as it relates to children. These beliefs form a personal philosophy, which underpins my practice as a children’s librarian. They also influence the decisions I make about all aspects of working with children from setting up the library space to developing a collection.

I believe all children:

– are competent and capable
– should be treated with respect and understanding
– have different learning styles, which need to be considered when teaching reading
– are already readers, albeit at different stages in terms of skills and experience
– are able to read, regardless of ability, background or previous schooling
– have the potential to fully develop their reading skills
– can develop a love of reading, based around personal choice

Even very young children are readers

Baby And Child Reading

Reading by ThomasLife: CC BY-ND 2.0

I believe children learn best when:

– they are interested and engaged
– they see purpose in what they are doing
– they have a say in what they learn

Reading happens naturally when a child chooses his reading material

I believe we read for different reasons and in different ways, including:

– for enjoyment
– for information
– for practical purposes
– alone
– with another child or adult
– as part of a group

A book can be shared with a friend

Reading Together

IMG109 by US Department of Education: CC BY 2.0

I believe reading extends beyond classic fiction to include:

– personal preferences
– different formats, including ebooks, comics and magazines
– a range of genres, including non-fiction

Reading encompasses more than just fiction print books

Different Formats

Digital Dandy by TaylorHerring: CC BY-ND 2.0

As a children’s librarian, I will:

– model a love of reading
– demonstrate positive attitudes towards reading and readers
– provide a safe and supportive environment for readers of all ages
– encourage all reading efforts
– model reading skills through group storytime and shared reading experiences
– talk with children about books to develop reflection and the ability to self-select
– provide opportunities to read for both pleasure and information

The library environment encourages and supports all readers

Shirley Library

Shirley Library by Solihull Heritage & Local Studies: CC BY-SA 2.0

These beliefs are not set in stone. Instead I will develop and refine them in response to new information and ideas I encounter. This ensures that my philosophy is relevant, enabling me to engage in best practice within the library and to support all children as they explore the world of reading.


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